What is even the point of Paige’s return? To get on our nerves?

So that we could see her bike off into the sunset one last time

Omg i laughed so hard at this!


We’re going to do the same thing [Hanna going rogue and taking matters into her own hands]but in a different way by activating Aria in a way that she hasn’t been seen to act before. She’ll be taking some actions and doing some things on her own and taking some risks which we haven’t seen her do before. We’ve had a lot of fun with breaking that story for her. We start to learn more and more about the depths of these women individually and what they’re capable of doing on their own — not just what they’re capable of doing as a unit.
[The Ezra/Nicole kiss on national television] certainly added fuel to the fire. That was a really rough patch. He did kiss her, and it was an interesting line for us. Ezra has this tie with Nicole; he can’t just cast her aside because she’s been through a lot. That has caused some friction between [Ezra and Aria] and “A.D.” is definitely going to take advantage of that.

Charlie Craig on Aria’s upcoming storyline (via pookiebearandz)