A long time ago, like maybe years ago, I remember you said that you had information about the show, (PLL obvs) but then they went in a different direction from what you had heard/saw. Do you think when the show is all over, you could tell us what that info was? If not I understand! I’m just curious :)

Yes yes, I think I actually told everyone a while ago. 

From memory the draft (we’re talking way back in season 4 when i had the last like 4 scripts in the season before they aired) said that Cece had a twin, and that’s who -A/Black Widow was and like the other was redcoat or something and omg Aria was a helper (this is the first time I’ve thought about it in relevance to the new season and omg haha) and I’m trying to remember what else, those were the main points though. 


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