“That’s a series wrap on Lesley Fera, Holly Marie Combs & Laura Leighton.”




 “That’s a wrap.” 

Ali D vibes?




Last scene of the series- the show coming full circle

“Although the show ends, the world continues.” -Marlene

“It was one of my favorites I was like I’m so glad that you (Marlene) put that in there because it didn’t necessarily shock me but it was epic and I was like (hits table) that is amazing, that sums up our show in a way, it was so that is so PLL.” -Sasha

“Just to know that the mythology of this town will always go on, it’s not going to end with the end of Pretty Little Liars.” -Marlene

Last scene with the girls

“I had the hardest line of the (last ever) scene, it was so sad. {Marlene: It sums up the whole show really} Marlene came in and was like we can’t understand you, I was crying so hard.” -Sasha

The return of characters 

“He (Jason) is not going to be back in the finale. There are a couple of actors we really tried to get but they were booked on other shows and legally they can’t come back to us so he’s one of those but someone we tried all season to get back who is in the finale is Melissa, Torrey Devitto, so we are really excited about that.” -Marlene

On reveals/loopholes/identities

“A.D & the people that have been helping A.D were also chasing a few threads & a few clues themselves. There have been other people looking for A.D & the identity of A.D. Some of that you’ll find out in the finale.” -Marlene

On which couple has the most shocking scene in the finale 

“Oh. Gosh. Wow, Maybe. Gosh it’s so hard to say without giving something up. Shocking…is Emison.” -Marlene

“You find out the baby’s daddy.” -Sasha

On who has changed the most after the one year time jump


On the Alison Dilaurentis-Field on the chalkboard

“We love to drop Easter eggs and hints so you know maybe, tune in next week for sure and find out.” – Marlene

On wrapping up the show/the most difficult scene 

“It’s a tie between the goodbye scene for how the fans will see it which we didn’t shoot as our last scene because we would ruin it, we would no be able to handle ourselves and then the actual last scene that was so emotional because the way we were filming is a character was on camera and the rest of us weren’t and so, we were in the scene, but when they called cut we knew that’s it, we’re done and there were so many people around the monitors so there was probably 100 people including us and we all had our PLL jackets on and it was like that’s it, it was the strangest feeling- it was surreal.” – Sasha

On Mary hurting Spencer

“A lot can happen in a year that sort of resets the show from where we left off.” -Marlene

-Are we meant to believe it’s Spencer or Twincer?

“That is Spencer.”- Marlene

On Wren in the promo

“There is a shooting, we can tell you that.” – Marlene

On more human masks

“There is at least one mask in the finale, maybe two very realistic looking masks.”-Marlene

On Toby being A.D

Everyone knows I love Toby so the chances of him being A.D are slim. -Marlene

Episodes to watch before the finale

“All of the last 10 episodes. We’ve dropped a lot of Easter Eggs intentionally into them because we wanted the fans to have a really good chance to figure this out and be right.”- Marlene

A.D./flashbacks after the reveal/the WHY

“It’s (the flashbacks) all over the place. I want to make sure that the fans know that this A.D., well everyone is interwoven but as one story ends another begins so with the reveal of Mona then became the Charlotte story and then with the reveal of Charlotte comes A.D. This A.D is separate in terms of playing the game from those other -A’s. 

-It’s something fans wouldn’t notice/find going back to s1/2?

Correct -M

On Paige being in the finale

“I’m not going to say.”-M

On how the moms got out of the basement

“You’ll have to wait until next week. It’s not shown but it’s discussed maybe not completely in the way you want but it’s discussed.”-M

On the actor who plays A.D.

“The person who is A.D asked me not to tell anyone because that person didn’t want to affect certain scenes in certain ways.”-Marlene

(When the person found out) 

“Yes that was a separate conversation that I had just with that person fairly early on when the decision was made that that would be A.D. because it affected a lot of that persons performances. 

On why A.D is A.D & their reactions

“I was like THAT IS BRILLIANT….it’s just so twisted and intriguing…it’s just a whole nother surprise and it really does live up to PLL.”-Sasha